Tuesday 11 August 2015

SPOILER Discussion - Ant-Man

It's been almost a month since Ant-Man...its well past time I talk about this...



Directing Style

          Let's start things a little light here. If you noticed in my review that I praised Peyton Reed with two particular scenes in mind. Both are of similar style & tempo - the first is when after Scott Lang used the Ant-Man suit for the first time, and then returns the suit, before being caught in the act. The use of quick shot after shot to reverse the initial theft is cool, and the moment he jumped out only to get caught is a priceless kind of comedy. The second is when (on two occasions) Luis tells some story. The creative genius is seeing Luis speak exactly as the characters would mouth them (or the other way around). Its a spectacular laugh for me, and something I would never have thought of. A creative masterpiece.

Ant-Man vs Falcon

          A fun surprise! Who would have thought, that in his first own film, Ant-Man gets to tangle with an Avenger. And now we know how powerful Ant-Man, as a superhero, can be, after seeing him take down the Falcon. It was a great fun action sequence, and I'm pretty sure it meant more than that for fans. A real, pleasant surprise!
          What made it more surprising was that the film was released just about 2 months after Age of Ultron, and it already links together by having Ant-Man visit the new Avengers facility and meet a new-suited Falcon.
          And now, fans will expect to see these kind of things happen in future standalone films like Doctor Strange, Black Panther, etc...I suppose. It may just be me, though. 

Mid-Credits Scene: New Wasp

         If it isn't already obvious, Hope van Dyne finally gets her father's blessings to suit up and become the new Wasp...and also the suit. But this really isn't a surprise at all. Its not hard to speculate, even since the casting announcement, that Hope will be the one to be the Wasp, a core member of the Avengers in the comics. In fact, if anything, we didn't get to see her in full gear in the film yet. So, instead, we have to wait for a possible sequel, or another Marvel film for her to appear.
          But this is not a criticism from me. Having too many superpowered characters for an origin film may be too much, anyway. Plus, the plot works for Hope to get this at the end, after what she and her dad had been through in the film. The plot did it justice, so its fine.

Post-Credits Scene: The Accords

          And if this one isn't already obvious, this already has the sense of the Civil War which is to come. The scene on its own doesn't give a lot, the way I saw it. The only thing of note is that Cap is already unwilling to ask Stark for help, and that Falcon recommends them to seek Ant-Man for help instead, after his first encounter.
          From what I heard, this scene was to be one of Civil War's. So, it probably will be the path as to how Ant-Man (Scott Lang) become a part of the huge conflict that is Civil War...and finally anounces himself to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The only question that remains, is whether Scott will remain siding with Cap, or will he end up siding with Stark instead?
          Let us patiently await the answer, and the iconic battle of superheroes...when Captain America: Civil War comes out in May 2016! Sigh...it just can't come sooner, can it?

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