Monday 24 August 2015


"They want what's in our DNA...speed...intelligence...strength"

          Agent 47 is really not a bad film at all. Its nowhere near great - you can feel that the summer movie season really is over - but it is quite enjoyable to watch. There's some very cool action sequences despite the occasionally weak execution of CGI. There's some interesting characters. And as far as movies with secrets go, it has some minor twists & revelations that actually works.

          For some reason, they decided to employ a lot of CGI effects for a non sci-fi action flick. And to be honest, sometimes they don't look very well done. In a couple of scenes, its very easy to spot the added visual effects. But if you can put it aside, the action sequences does feel very cool indeed. I enjoyed the fight scenes for the whole film.

          There are some dull characters, including the villian, but there are some interesting ones, too. I had half-expected all the characters to be dull and cheesy. But Agent 47 (Rupert Friend) himself was quite interesting as far as emotionless assassins go - I like the way he talks and fights. And Katia (Hannah Ware) was the surprise for me - I thought she'd be a totally cheesy & generic badass woman, but she started out a struggling, confused character. And towards the end, there is somehow a bit of chemistry between the two characters. Meanwhile, the villain lacks the persona, despite the obvious physical superiority. And with the character Le Clerq, it is not a bad thing, but somehow I hear the voice of Baron Strucker of Avengers: Age of Ultron everytime he speaks.

          The general plot feels rather generic & predictable. In fact, some of the scenes feel a bit messy or even unsensible. But the little details & revelations piece together some very interesting information to keep the film interesting. And there's one minor twist/revelation at the end which, probably shouldn't surprise me much, but is quite a nice touch in my eyes.

         The dialogues aren't that great or memorable, but they also aren't weak or cheesy to the extent that they annoy me. The film lacks humour, though. I don't recall any funny bits. There's also only a little bit of drama. And even the soundtrack feels also very generic & unmemorable. The whole film feels like it just works, and while it is nowhere near great, it is good enough for someone who want to enjoy an after-summer action flick.

SCORE: 5.5

          For me, personally, there's a bit more of pleasure to be had in seeing it take place in Singapore for the last half hour or so. There's a special feeling that makes me enjoy it just a little bit more, but I took it out of the equation for the review above. I guess that's what happens when you don't see a lot of Singapore in films. Hollywood, you know what to do!


          I feel like I just want to share about this. The twist/revelation at the end is when Agent 47 reveals that his mission all along is Le Clerq. It probably isn't a great twist in any regard, but it works well to my surprise. It makes a lot of sense, and I guess it adds to the character of 47 being quite intelligent and badass in using all the possible tools to accomplish his mission. Pretty cool, I have to say.

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