Saturday 5 September 2015


"Oh, and you have a new codename..."

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. poster.jpg

          This probably the most fun I've had from a film all year! Even after a summer full of blockbusters, this film still stands out as a very fun & unique piece of entertainment. There's a lot of genuinely funny moments, the main characters are distinctly interesting in their own way, there's a lot of chemistry & banter...and most importantly, I have to tip my hats off to the amazingly cool & unique directing style brought by Guy Ritchie.

           Believe me when I say that this film is as funny as it gets. There are a lot of genuinely funny moments, and not the cheesy kind. Some of it is due to the brilliant directing style & focus, but most of them came from the humorous banter between the main characters. Credit to the writers for having such characters, but also to the actors for playing them out perfectly. These are distinctly unique characters brought to life by Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, & Alicia Vikander - and there's almost no boring part in seeing them together on screen...especially the rivalry between Cavill's character & Hammer's.

           With this film, Guy Ritchie brought his own mind & soul into it and it can be seen clearly throughout this film. There's a lot of cinematic edit & effects that makes it fast-paced, and fortunately for him, the tone of this film suits perfectly to the style. And then there's the thing he does - whereby the scene is replayed but with revelations & explanations regarding the outcome. Its hard to explain here, but when you see it on screen...its just genius. Its like a scene that plays out but with missing details, and then the scene proceeds to the outcome, before the scene is then replayed (quickly and with jumps) to showing us the reason why. Its just genius, and again, plays perfectly into the tone & style of this film.

          Yet, there's also enough interesting action sequences to keep me entertained throughout. Maybe a little lacking in drama, but this film was always meant to be FUN. And there are a couple of plot twists that feels great. Unexpected, to me. Even better, is the fact that it wasn't in any way spoiled in the trailers, etc. You probably won't expect it, too. And one final applaud is for the composer, Daniel Pemberton, for making a soundtrack with such style & energy that, not only suits the film, but is also great fun to hear on its own.

          This is probably not the perfect film, but its super fun & entertaining throughout, and has a very distinct & unique style that suits the film perfectly. Films like these are the reason I go to the movies. The main cast are great, the composer did his job well...but this is purely Guy Ritchie's film. This is all him...and it is absolute fun!!!

SCORE: 8.5

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