Sunday 20 September 2015


"And what makes you think that unknown is a miss?"

          A very typical sort of September guilty pleasure - with some cool action sequences that doesn't make sense and a generic plot with uninteresting characters. What you'd expect coming into this film is probably what you'd get. Unless you're being unreasonable or you didn't know what these films are meant to be. It delivers exactly and only what it intended to.

          The only thing fun about this film - is the action sequences. Its not even really good, anyway, but its fun. It was fast-paced and cool, and while most of the time it doesn't make sense, it still remains quite an entertainment to enjoy. And thankfully, the camera angles aren't too bad, either.

           The plot feels very generic & predictable, apart from one plot point that I didn't come to expect early on in the film. But as it progresses, it goes back to being a predictable - repetitive, even - plot that sometimes just isn't believable enough. Add to that the fact that the characters aren't even particularly interesting. None of them. So don't even expect some conversational chemistry. The actors themselves aren't necessarily bad, per se, but the characters are already dull to begin with. And something that is a bit annoying to me, is the dialogue. It tried to be witty but its not. There's nothing smart with the one-liners in this film.

          So, it shouldn't be too surprising that there aren't any real drama, as we can hardly be invested in these characters, anyway. There's some humour in the mix, but really, all you can get from this film is some fun action sequences, and nothing more. Its not unwatchable, but it has nothing new to offer.


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