Tuesday 15 September 2015

Looking Forward: OCTOBER 2015

Surprisingly, there are several exciting blockbusters to see this October...

The Martian (Oct 2-USA, Sept 30-UK, Oct 1-Singapore)

          A lot of people are saying that this film kind of looks like a prequel/sequel/spin-off to Interstellar...and I feel completely the same! There's Matt Damon, there's Jessica Chastain, there's traveling in space, there's going to another planet...and there's Matt Damon getting stuck and stranded alone in a foreign planet. Tell me that doesn't remind you of Interstellar (assuming you've seen it)! And if there's anyone who can match the name of Christopher Nolan, its probably the director of this film, Ridley Scott. Although Scott's films have been relatively more action-packed than Nolan's. And the case may be that Scott's recent films have been nowhere near stellar, I have always enjoyed his films, and I think this one will be great as well. The first trailer for this film looks pretty cool, although it looks to give quite a lot of the plot away, and it doesn't feel hard to predict the story & the outcome. But with a great ensemble cast, an equally great director, I think this film is going to be a visual treat, at the least.


Pan (Oct 9-USA, Oct 16-UK, Oct 8-Singapore)

           Initially, I have little interest with this film, especially as I've never been a fan of Peter Pan, anyway. But the first trailer immediately changed my mind. Let me tell you quickly, the trailers - both the first & second - are so cool, and they are accompanied by great, exciting music. You have to see them! But that's not all the trailer gave me. The tone & style of the film looks so fun & colourful, and so are the characters. But what really gets me, is the character of James Hook (played Garrett Hedlund). The idea of prequels always appeals to me, and to see Hook begin this story as a friend to Peter (and potentially end as the villain) is always something that snatches my interest - to see how their relationship changes & develops (from good to bad, probably) throughout this film. And Garrett Hedlund looks to have portrayed him well, with a lot of humour & fun, as you can see throughout the trailers. This character Hook is what really gets me excited about Pan.
          The dialogues does sound quite cheesy, and the film probably won't be one of the best film by a long mile...but I am, genuinely, very excited about this film.


Bridge of Spies (Oct 16-USA, Nov 27-UK, Oct 15-Singapore)

          To tell you the truth, I've never even heard of this film until the trailer came out. But guess what, now I'm already interested in this cold war drama thriller. Obviously, this is not my usual kind of film - not my usual action-packed blockbuster. But there's a lot that intrigues me just from the trailers alone. And if I can read the name of the director and the lead actor alone, it should be reason enough to believe that this would be a great film. There's nothing more I could say as I know nothing else apart from what I see in the trailers, but I'm quite looking forward to finally another Tom Hanks & Steven Spielberg collaboration.


The Last Witch Hunter (Oct 23-USA, Oct 23-UK)

          It looks to be that kind of guilty pleasure supernatural action film to me. It lacks star names in terms of director, writer, or even cast, apart from some of the lead roles. Even the trailers don't seem to show much promise in terms of plot. This is exactly the kind of film I expect from the months of September & October - the kind that can give you some fun & action, but probably lacks in quality, plot & drama. Still, I'm giving it a go, and then we'll see how this film really turns out to be.


Other Movies:

Freeheld (October 2)
-A very heartful drama with a unique premise regarding the sensitive issue of homosexuality...

The Walk (October 9)
-A very intriguing looking drama starring some great cast, and by a great director in Robert Zemeckis...

Steve Jobs (October 9)
-Yet another film about Steve Jobs...but this one, to me, looks very interesting...and Michael Fassbender looks great as the man...

Crimson Peak (October 16)
-It looks to be a great film by a great director starring a great cast that should be much anticipated...by fans of horror films...not me, that is...

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