Thursday 2 March 2017


            As far as last movies go...this is as good as its going to get. Logan really shows us what a character like Wolverine would live like in his older days. And the really good thing about this movie are the characters...the characters of Logan, Charles and Laura and the dynamic between them is the core of what made this movie great. The rest of it (the action, the humour, etc) builds on top of it perfectly.

            As much as I would like to commend the tone for being really different than other comic book movies, it really is not the tone itself that deserves the praise. Like I mentioned above, the characters are the core of this film. It very much feels like a character story and a family story. The characters of Logan, Charles and Laura in this film are about as great as I can hope for, and the dynamic between the three of them are excellent! It is like a struggling man with a troublesome father and a rebellious daughter. There is a lot of heart, but there is a lot of humour, too. Easily the best part of the film, for me, is the family road trip aspect.

            The tone, the drama, the humour....they all just flow perfectly with these characters at the center of it. I can talk about these characters as much....but you really have to watch this film and see it for yourself. I really cannot praise the characters (both in the writing of it and the acting of it - young Dafne Keen is amazing!!) enough, so I would really hope that you catch this film and enjoy it yourself.

             Meanwhile, the action sequences are quite good, and the stakes are higher because of how much I am invested in these characters. The plot itself is also quite good, to a certain extent. And that's probably the only thing I had some issues with in this film. The overall plot is fine, but there are some moments (without spoiling anything here) that I really feel they should have done differently, or just didn't feel right. Anyway, more on that in the spoiler discussion soon.

            Otherwise, this film really got the basics right and gets us to experience and feel the characters the way it should have been. There are only a few moments I didn't particularly like towards the final third of the film, but the first 1.5 hour of this film is as perfect as can be. And easily the family road trip part of the film and the dynamic between the characters are the best part of the film. As Hugh Jackman's last run as Logan, this movie is as great as anyone can hope for.

VERDICT: 91 / 100

              An easy recommended watch for everyone!! Not just for comic book fans... 

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