Saturday 25 March 2017


              As a person who was never a fan of the franchise, I had many concerns going into this. I was bracing for what was potentially a bad movie, but it turned out differently, and I had some fun...surprisingly. The cheesiness that I had expected is mostly still there, and I don't think the dialogue are that well written. That being said, there are some rather fun moments to enjoy, and the main characters are better than I thought they'd be.

              I always like to say that characters are the most critical element of a film, because without good characters, we'll be just looking at things happening to some random individual. Fortunately, this film got this element just about right and I managed to get invested with these least, some of them.

              The plot, on the other hand, is...acceptable. The overall plot just about works, but really it is as generic as an origin story can be and its not hard to predict what happens next. And there are quite some cheesiness and conveniences in how things turn out (how they all meet, etc). I won't complain too much about it, but the plot points actually feel pretty weak.

             However, between those plot points, there are some fun to be had. The action sequences are not bad at all. And while the cheesy lines/jokes are, for me, the biggest drawback of the film...there are surprisingly some humour that works, too, which I find enjoyable.

            For a non-fan, I really find myself surprised to at least be able to enjoy some of the fun moments in the film. As a whole, I definitely won't say that this film is good in any stretch, but there are some fun moments peppered throughout.

VERDICT: 60 / 100

             Again, it really isn't a good film, so I won't go out recommending this to people. But if you are a fan (or you feel that you can at least enjoy these kind of films), then I think you might enjoy the film (or at least, some of it)...

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