Wednesday 8 March 2017


There are so many beautiful & memorable moments in Logan, but there are also some of the not so good ones...



"That's not a choo-choo!"


               First off, I would like to say I am surprised by how good Dafne Keen is and her portrayal of Laura (X-23). The character is amazing! I like the fighting style and how the character brings a mix of the rage and the agility in the fight sequences. In her personality itself, she brings a mix of the naughty and of the innocence. And that sometimes becomes a humourous moment, like when she was riding that kiddie horse ride, or when she sits on Charles' wheelchair. 


            This is one character in the film I wish was different. It was a little off-putting for me, to be honest, that this character had to be an exact clone of Logan himself. I understand that this is supposed to be like a perfect recreation of Weapon X (Logan, in case you don't know) himself, but I would rather that this happen in someone else's body instead and hence will look like a different character. My complaint may not be fully justifiable, but I still maintain that I don't like this character, and it is the one idea in the whole film which I cannot back. It seriously feels off-putting.

Charles Xavier's Death

               And in relation to the above, I feel that Charles' death is not momentous enough. The main problem of it is in fact that his death is also the first time we see X-24. And at that point (and for the next minute or so), I was partially thinking if this is more of a dream sequence, and hence the feeling that Charles had been stabbed hasn't really sunk in yet in my mind.
               And by the time I realized the reality, and we see Charles' final moments, some intense action is happening with X-24 capturing X-23, so again it slightly takes away the spotlight from Charles.
              Despite a touching line by Logan (trying to tell Charles that it wasn't him), I really feel that Charles' death does not get enough time & attention. A significant character like Charles, with the history he has in the X-Men series, deserves a more momentous end.

Logan's End

             On the other hand, Logan's death scene was very touching and deserved. And what made it more emotional is Laura's presence by his side. It was very emotional to see that Logan finally feel love again in his dying moments. And it is reciprocated by Laura herself just crying by his side, and calling Logan "daddy". I broke down at that moment, and it got me really teary. In this scene, I really get to see how good of an actress Dafne really is, and this is a very fitting and emotional end to our favourite X-Men.
             And speaking of which, that moment at the end when Laura takes the cross and places it as an 'X' instead, is a very nice touch.


               In the end, the best compliment I can give to this movie is that this is perhaps one of (if not) the best family film I have ever watched. You don't normally associate Wolverine and 'family drama', but that's what we get in this film, and is in fact the best aspect of the film for me.
               To be able to see him take care of an ailing Charles, who still has enough spirit in him to be both a mentor and a nuisance for Logan himself. And add to that his daughter Laura, who he initially resents but slowly learns to love (amongst all the rebellious interactions).
              There is so much emotion in the interactions between these three characters as they go from their hideout to a Mini Mart to a Hotel to someone else's House like in a family road trip. And more than just the emotions, there is so much humour between them. All this brilliant dynamic & interactions is why I can easily say that Logan may be the best family road trip movie I have ever seen...

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