Sunday 4 September 2016


"Each death must look like an accident"

            I have not been watching new films in the theaters for almost a month now...and now that I have, I am not happy with my choice of film. Mechanic: Resurrection is another generic action film. But even generic action films can have a good enough plot, or at least some interesting characters. This movie has neither.

            The plot itself as a whole is very generic and boring. It is as predictable as can be. He falls in love with a woman. The woman gets captured, and now he must do whatever the captors demand. And so he did...and I'm pretty sure you all know how it ends. It is the most predictable and generic of stories. 

          Worse still, is the fact that even the subplots don't really work. The falling in love between Jason Statham's and Jessica Alba's character feels very forced and cheesy. And even the main progression of the plot is dull...doing one mission after the other.

            At least, if these are interesting characters, it would be better. But they're not. The predecessor of this film has one with Ben Foster's character...which is why I like the first film better than this one. If I can say, the most interesting character in this film is Tommy Lee Jones' character...and he's only in it for about 5 minutes...

          The action sequences aren't even that good. They're not bad...but they're not that brilliant, either. In the end, the film isn't that terrible, but it really is not quite interesting enough.

VERDICT: 32/100

          This film, unfortunately, isn't a good cinematic experience, and is most certainly not worth the price of admission. But it might be a good time filler if you happen to chance upon it on Cable TV and have nothing better to do.

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