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Be warned that most of what is below is my rants about the plot...and be warned of spoilers, too...



Justice League Cameos

             Anyone who's seen the trailers will not be surprised with Batman's appearance. What surprised me, though, is how soon we get to see him. And that scene of Batman apprehending Deadshot is pretty cool, too. Meanwhile, the other surprise cameo is the Flash, who enters the scene to apprehend Captain Boomerang. This is a nice little surprise that shows the connectivity of the DC Extended Universe.

             Meanwhile, the mid-credits scene was an even better scene. To see Amanda Waller have that conversation with Bruce Wayne. And with Bruce Wayne telling Waller to stop this as he obtains some classified information about his "friends" - it becomes a nice little tease of the Justice League.

Character Deaths

            To be honest with you, these character deaths are as predictable as they can get. Everyone already expects Slipknot to die early, anyway, given his lack of appearance in the trailers. Meanwhile, El Diablo is a very cool character, and I like him, but given that he's more of a side character in the team (he's no Deadshot or Harley Quinn), it is no surprise to see him get killed off in that final act.

Now, the next set of points are actually more of my complaints about the plot which I wasn't able to spoil in my non-spoiler review...

The Joker Subplot

             Firstly, to set things straight, I don't mind this version of the Joker, and rather, I was actually beginning to like him. That being said, his appearance in this film is totally irrelevant. His objective in this film is simply to rescue Harley Quinn. Firstly, a small problem is that while I know that Harley has an obsession that is the Joker...I never see it the same way the other way around. 

             But even if it is the case, the bigger problem is that this subplot of the Joker trying to rescue Harley is totally irrelevant and in no way helps the main plot. If anything, it detracts from the main plot. I thought that when he arrived in that helicopter and takes Harley away, it would change the plot. But, no! Waller's men just shot it down, and Harley returns to the team and everything follows as normal - which means that all the scenes we've seen the Joker in has no impact at all, and is in fact, a complete waste of time!

              Even the flashback scenes made little impact. Unlike El Diablo's flashbacks which shows why he does what he does, and gives his actions a little more meaning at the end...the same cannot be said with Harley Quinn's flashbacks of the Joker. If we weren't shown those flashbacks, I would still be seeing Harley Quinn the same way in the film.

              Is there anymore? Yes! That ending scene of the Joker rescuing Harley from the facility is again irrelevant and didn't add any value. And if he could break in to that place, why didn't he do it sooner? I hate to say this, but all...literally, EVERY second of the Joker's appearance in this film is totally irrelevant and unnecessary. The film would be better off without them.

Weak Resolutions

             I have also mentioned this in my review but some conflict resolutions in this film are very weak and uncharacteristic. And even some minor scenes have this issues & plotholes, too.

             These are the notable ones: 
1) Why does Katana immediately follow the others to the bar? She was the one who distrusts them and is a friend to Rick Flag, but then without saying anything decided to follow the rest of the team, instead?? 
2) The bar scene itself didn't even have a proper pep talk that really pulls the team together - in fact, all it takes is Harley saying "Come something better to do?" - and the rest of the team follows. Very uncharacteristic.
3) After the Joker's helicopter is shot down and Harley is seemingly killed, the rest of the team then meets her on the ground, but none of them even feel surprised...are you kidding me??
4) Deadshot heats up El Diablo with only a few lines - and for a person with such a tragic backstory, it makes no sense for Diablo to explode simply because Deadshot challenges him to - despite how much Deadshot knows about Phil Jackson.
5) When the team is shown some visions by Enchantress, all it takes is El Diablo telling the team that this is not real - without some sense of struggle or anything - and then the team went back to normal, immediately - no harm! A very weak resolution indeed...

             I could go on about these weak & uncharacteristic scenes and plotholes, but these should give you a general idea why the plot & narrative in this film is just weak & messy. And a film without a decent plot bores me... 

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