Thursday 4 August 2016


"They tracked you...we got to move"

           I think the title says it all - this film is as Bourne as a Jason Bourne film can get. This means - awesome thrilling sequences, great hand-to-hand combat, some improvisation moments and amazing music/score. But this also means using the same formula that made previous Bourne films a success.

          The one thing that made Jason Bourne, to me, stand out as compared to James Bond or Ethan Hunt, is the fact that it is not all about the combat skills with Bourne. The best sequences in any Bourne film is when he assesses the situation and makes his countermoves - like the tram sequence in Supremacy or the Waterloo sequence in Ultimatum, which remains my favourite. And yes, you will find these sort of sequences too in Jason Bourne - which is always a pleasure to watch.

            And yes, the rest of the film is exactly what you'd expect from a Bourne film. It does tread on all familiar elements and brings nothing new to the table - but fortunately each of these elements on their own are excellent. The hand-to-hand combats are brilliant, the car chase is cool, and I just have to say - the music/score is awesome. Like in previous Bourne films, the score really adds to the excitement and tension of the scenes - and I have to credit John Powell for such an excellent score.

             The overall plot isn't anything spectacular, but it works. And there's a few nice twists and shocks - although the revelation in the flashback is a little too convenient. Meanwhile, the characters feels like characters we've seen in previous films, but like the plot, they work for the film itself. One thing noticable - but didn't really bother me - is the lack of humour. I can't remember any laughs in this film.

             But its not like the film needed any. While it sticks to the same formula and brings nothing new to the table, it remains a great action film that really brings out the best of Bourne and makes us remember why we love Jason Bourne in the first place...


            I really recommend everyone to watch this film - regardless of whether you're a Bourne fan, or even whether you've seen the previous films. While it treads on the familiar elements of previous Bourne films, it remains a solidly entertaining action flick. And it is also perhaps a testament as to how good previous Bourne films were...

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