Monday 29 August 2016

SPECIAL: Ranking the Movies of the MCU - Part 2

Films 7 to 4 as below...

7. The Incredible Hulk

           Somehow, some people doesn't really like this film. And I do agree that Mark Ruffalo makes for a better Bruce Banner, and personally, I find Betty Ross very uninteresting in this film. However, this film has spectacular action sequences. The final batte between Hulk and Abomination is an epic fight in and of its own, and the visual effects were brilliant. Also, the favela chase scene stands out for me. And finally, one of the main reasons that pushed this film to seventh place - is the score. The music by Craig Armstrong is super spectacular, and I would easily re-watch this film if only for the score.

6. Ant-Man

             Some would argue that while Ant-Man is a very fun film, the plot is rather simple. Well, I may be able to agree - but some aspects of it makes it feel different. Firstly, there is the fact that is a heist film and not like other generic (world domination or mass destruction) plot. And secondly, it is also because of the father-daughter dynamics of the gives the protagonists a simpler and more heartfelt motivation. And also, the music is brilliant and I find Paul Rudd's Scott Lang as an excellent protagonist to root for. And don't forget Michael Pena's standout character Luis.  

5. Thor

             I had a bit of trouble between placing Ant-Man or Thor in fifth, but I think Thor just edges it out simply because of the story and character development that our hero went through. Not to mention this where we get introduced to the MCU's greatest villain yet. And finally, I have watched this film again not too long ago, and I am totally surprised as to how much humour there is - and it brilliantly plays to the idea of Asgard vs Earth differences. The only thing that this film can improve is in fact, the action, but everything else was brilliant!

4. Captain America: The First Avenger

            Now, the top four films are really the best of the best of the MCU - and I had a hard time placing out the top four. These are the practically flawless films, and I would give these films at least a 9.0 out of 10.0.
            As for fourth place, I have a hard time justifying, but the main reason I can think of putting The First Avenger in fourth is because of what the other three managed to achieve.
           Otherwise, this film is really a brilliant film in every way. The story has a lot of heart, a great villain, and surprisingly a lot of humour. And I especially love that "star spangled man" sequence. Tommy Lee Jones' character is an absolute standout, and this film remains one of the most emotional and heartfelt story of all the MCU films.

The top three films should be a bit obvious...but wait to find out the order in tomorrow's post...

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