Sunday 7 June 2015

Looking Forward: JULY 2015 - Part 1

A bit early to be looking at July...but the reason for this is that because most of the July films are not releasing in July in Singapore...a bit weird...check it out below...

For those in the UK, or anywhere else, do take a look at IMDB, official websites, etc as the release dates can be significantly changed in your countries...

US people, lucky you, I'm basing the release dates on your country, so it's all July in here...

Terminator Genisys (July 1-USA, July 2-UK, June 25-Singapore)

          Although I did put this film as part of my Top 10 anticipated of 2015, now though, I'm having more mixed feelings about it. While the trailers are cool and action-packed, the little details worry me. Firstly, having scars like that on one's face is no longer badass in this modern era, especially for a protagonist you may want to root. I only find Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) to be the only character I can probably like in the film. 
          Secondly, what was with that spoiler-y reveal in the second trailer?? (careful not to see it if you haven't) I'm not sure if they meant this to be the main plot, or is that a premature reveal to attract more audiences in. Because with a title called "Terminator"...I think people will go see it anyway, and you can save those plot reveals for the film, and let people spread the good word after the film. Geez.
          Anyhow, I'm still super excited by this film. It still looks to be very action-packed and fun, and I have faith in the director Alan Taylor, especially after his work in Thor: The Dark World.

Trailers: (Trailer #2) (Warning: Spoiler-y)

Minions (July 10-USA, June 26-UK, June 18-Singapore)

          I'm still at a bewilderment at how could this film be out 3 weeks early in Singapore...

          Okay, so about the film, it looks to be fun & great. I cannot see it going any other way. These adorable yellow minions have had been such the stars of the Despicable films, and here they are in their own. For now, the plot remains simple, and the film looks to be as fun & humourous as they be. The challenge would be, without Gru & the girls, is whether this banana-filled flick could be as touching or as dramatic as their human-focused counterpart was.


Ant-Man (July 17-USA, July 17-UK, July 16-Singapore)

          Perhaps my most awaited film this summer, now. The trailers (the second one, especially) have more than amped up my excitement for this new Marvel flick. Fans are nervously curious, while the general population questions the notion of a superhero with the power of becoming small. I am here anticipating with none of those worries, because if the trailers are any indication, it's going to be awesome!
          Firstly, its a smart move to have the main character Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) jokingly questioning the name - Ant-Man. Secondly, the second trailer shows lots of humour & action, and sets itself to be a Marvel film of the more humorous nature, after Age of Ultron's darker tone. The film looks to be playing it smartly with the humour, with some excellently crafted dialogue and brilliant performances by the actors.
            As of this moment, I see nothing wrong with this film, and with Marvel's creativity & confidence, Ant-Man should capture the imagination of audiences worldwide.


More films to come in Part 2...

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