Monday 22 June 2015


"Doesn't it feel so good to be bad?"

          These yellow, adorable, pill-shaped minions prove to be - as expected - a great fun time in the cinema in which you can spend on with your family or friends. Kids will enjoy it, and adults can laugh with it - occasionally. But much like Despicable Me 2, it lacks the heart that the first film of the franchise strongly possess. Maybe even more so this time around.

          This film acts as a prequel to the main series, and only acts as such for the first few minutes. The rest of the film is just like any other Despicable films - save Gru & the kids being replaced by a cool villain in Scarlet Overkill. Meanwhile, the focus remains on the minions, in fact, just the three main minions named Kevin, Bob & Stuart.

            Its interesting that these three minions have such distinct characteristics. And I was hoping that it would work to have conflicts or drama with these minions...but no, all they achieved was just some more comedic relief. Sacrlet Overkill is a cool villian (voiced by the ever so cool Sandra Bullock), but she's not even a standout character. And the other supporting characters are pretty much anonymous and only work to serve the plot.

          Its really all about these minions doing their thing, and given that they're really one of the highlights of this franchise, it really is just great fun and entertainment to see these guys do all different kind of things. But that's about all there is. The plot is quite predictable and it lacks heart & drama. The first film has it strongly with the relationship between Gru & the girls. The sequel lacks in them, and now, even more so with this one. Let's hope Despicable Me 3 could return the series to its glory.

Note: A bit of SPOILER after the Verdict...

Verdict: 6.5


          I lied a bit in the 2nd paragraph to avoid spoilers. The film acts as a prequel for the first few minutes...and the last few minutes. But its not hard to imagine (I was kind of expecting this myself) to see Gru as a kid appear in a cameo. In fact, its more than a cameo. Because the ending shows immediaetely how they met Gru for the first time. Its a really nice touch to see Gru with his iconic weapon (Freeze-Ray), and with the narrator mentioning that he was "Despicable". So, now we know how these minions met Gru for the first time, and how the relationship all left to the imagination. Unless, they make a sequel for this...(which I'm not expecting)

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