Saturday 13 June 2015


"If something chases!"

          For many times, more than I can count, my inner 8-year old just sprang to life out of the magical moments that either brings back memories, or is just purely exciting. As my parents would know, as a kid, I was a big fan of dinosaurs. And now about 15 years later, I feel like I want to ride a motorbike beside a pack of agile Velociraptors.

          In a movie that's as fun and as loud as can be, the inner 8-year olds of every 8-year olds, teenagers, and adults alike will cherish the special moments of this film, but those critical and professional enough will know that this film is fun & entertaining, but lacks the depth in plot and character. Jurassic World wins simply by being Jurassic World.

          I won't be talking too much here, because the paragraph above has clearly explained all there is about this movie. On a technical level, the film has great action sequences, as well as equally stunning visual effects. What I appreciate most is that the visual effects here allow for more realistic and agile movements of the dinosaurs, compared to the original Jurassic Park. The film has excellent humour as well, and some very likeable main characters, too.

          With that said, (the 4 main characters aside,) the other characters doesn't feel important. Even though the plot suggest they all have a big role in the events that transpire, they just aren't significant enough, especially with the big thing going on. The plot is also supposed to contain some moral issues that reflect those of the original, but I never caught it...perhaps because we're all just having too much fun.

          But the film will feel special...for the fans, and everyone else bringing their 8-year olds (either within themselves, or by their side). It does well with those magical moments with dinosaurs that we never thought we'd see come to life, while also giving nods to original film many times. I was freaking out inside with joy in a lot of those moments, and I suppose I can make a Spoiler Discussion with a list of these moments...which I will.


SCORE: 7.5

Remarks: On a professional level, I'm giving it a 7.5. Its fun and entertaining, with some exciting characters and brilliant visual effects, lacking only in the depth of plot & characters. On a personal level, though, it would be at least a 9. Simply for letting me rekindle my childhood memories, and letting me admire a childhood dream (riding a motorbike with a pack of raptors by your side). Like I said, this film wins for being the Jurassic World that follows up Jurassic Park...

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