Sunday 3 May 2015

TV Review: Scorpion S1

Action packed, but gets episodic & dull...

          Of all the TV Shows I've been watching this season, this has been the most episodic. Initially, this show struck me for being a very fun, action packed show with some interesting & distinct genius characters to root for. But their characters & personality quickly grow old, and it becomes less interesting as the show progesses. And the fact that the show is very episodic means that there is little progression in the development of these characters.

          The action remains high & entertaining (for a TV show) even towards the end of the season. It's practically one of the few reasons why I held on until the end. The only other interesting thing is how these characters use their genius minds to solve problems. Mostly they get repetitive as the show goes on, but some, especially regarding behavioural psychology & the reading of human emotions, remains pretty interesting. Although I must address again that these things grow old quick in this show, as there's not a lot of new interesting tactics & problem solving methods.

          Scorpion started out pretty interestingly as well because the main characters have distinct, unconventional personalities that sets them apart. While there are some character conflicts & developments within the episodes, mostly, they don't carry over to subsequent ones, making it very episodic indeed. There's only a few subplot lines that do carry over, but even those seem insignificant & uninteresting.

          Disappointingly, even the season finale lacks an interesting case. It only has the power to restore the problems brought from the previous episode. By the end of it, nothing has practically changed from where the series began. And there's really almost nothing to look forward to for next season.


          The action sequences and some problem solving ideas & methods are what kept Scorpion watchable. But towards the end, the show gets very repetitive & insignificant & dull. Even the season finale lacks a game-changing story, and now, I'm not at all looking forward to Scorpion S2...

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