Sunday 24 May 2015


"You wanted to see Tomorrowland?"

            Not the most spectacular or memorable of films, but a complete blockbuster indeed, with a lot of humour, decent action sequences, some meaningful drama, great actors, and excellent visual effects. It still lacks in suspense and a spectacular final act, but the overall ride feels like a complete blockbuster experience.

            Whenever an action-adventure is able to have a lot of humour in the mix, its always great, and the ride becomes fun & entertaining. And this film is a great example of that, as the journey to find Tomorrowland is filled with fun humour & reactions, and I enjoy the discovery more than the actions were. And most of the laughs came from new star Britt Robertson, who surprised me at every turn of how good she can be as a smart yet funny protagonist - making a really likeable character in Casey Newton. Full credit to her. George Clooney was great as always, but in this film, Britt stole the show.

           Come to think about it, this film actually doesn't have a lot of action sequences. But then again, it doesn't really bother me, because the journey is a lot of fun. There are still a lot of visual effects to behold, and most of them comes in the form of discovering Tomorrowland, apart from being in the place itself, obviously.

          I said this film is a complete blockbuster experience, because despite the film having lots of humour from start to end, it didn't leave out the dramatic moments. There was one very touching moment towards the end, which actually builds up from the very first minute of the film. There's not a lot of drama (or sadness), but there is this one moment that hits deep, and this is good enough for a summer action blockbuster.

            Unfortunately, the film is not a flawless one. The film lacks suspense throughout, perhaps because the stakes are not made urgent, and also because of the weak robots/androids. The androids they are fighting seemed more annoying than threatening, and looked weird rather than frightening. The final act is good in drama, and in visual effects, but lacks the spectacle of potential action sequences.


           Apart from the lack of suspense & spectacle, the movie is indeed a rare, complete blockbuster experience - with some action sequences, awesome actors, brilliant visual effects, some meaningful drama, and a lot of fun & humour along the ride. A great summer movie.

SCORE: 8.0

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