Friday 15 May 2015


"What a lovely day!"

          I wasn't initially very eager to watch this, and I intended to watch this film a bit later, but when I saw that it received a 99% rating in rotten tomatoes at the time (176 fresh, 2 rotten), I had to quickly see what the fuss is all about. And yes, I did have a great time with Fury Road. It was proper fun & action, but the plot was pretty straightforward. But I can say this: this film has heart - and that's good enough to be a solid summer action blockbuster.

          I didn't find the action sequences as revolutionary or as exhilarating as they say, but it was brilliant. I've seen better, but it really is a brilliant work of art. It may also be due to more practical effects used instead of CGI. Perhaps my favourite part of the sequences was seeing wide shots of the chasing pack of cars behind our protagonists. There is a feel of ongoing thrill & suspense all around the action. And I have to give big credits to Junkie XL...because the soundtrack...was AWESOME. It really enhances the thrill and excitement of the chase, of the fights, and of the explosions. If every movie can have this combination of action sequence & soundtrack, no film would be boring.

          The main plot (the big picture) was pretty straightforward. Apart from some small twists, it really is very straightforward. But it does have heart, and it's a great feeling to follow the struggles & desires of our main protagonists. To learn of their background & nature, and then join them in this action-packed ride. With that said, the supporting characters are less significant in this film, and the main villain isn't really any kind of menacing or even intriguing villain. Just one typical power-hungry maniac.


           There is sufficient humour throughout, and some drama as we follow the hearts of several protagonists. This film lacks in an interesting plot as well as a powerful antagonist, but it's a thrill ride from start to end with super exciting action packed sequences accompanied by one of the best soundtracks in recent months. Yet, it still has heart. And this, for me, is one solid action blockbuster.

SCORE: 7.5

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