Friday 26 September 2014

SPECIAL: Some TV Series

It's late that means the TV starts to fill with more excitement, with both new and returning TV are some that I have seen, and commented based on respective season/series premieres...

The Blacklist (S2)

          The Blacklist is the one that I watched first, perhaps because it is also one of the earliest release, yet also because I can't wait to see more of James Spader as Red. Back for Season 2, this season premiere didn't disappoint, but didn't exactly thrill as much, either. We get more of the same, which is more of the good stuffs, really. Red's charm, curious blacklist-ers, and we're up and running for more of The Blacklist for the next 9 months. One thing that made this episode even better, is that they immediately picked up this Berlin character from last season's cliffhanger, and it looks to go on even in episode 2, which means that more is already at stake even this early in the season.

Conclusion: If you likes the first season, I think this season will give you more of the same...and more. So, yeah, why not?

Gotham (New)

          Gotham is one of the most exciting new series I've been looking for. There is no need to hide that I am a big Batman fan, from the games, movies, and I have said this to people that the thing most exciting about Batman, is the array of villains looking to make a mess in his beloved city. Now, with a series focusing on the origins of these charismatic villains, I thought this is awesome, but only if they can pull it off. One episode in, and I was pleased. It was not one that left me in awe, but I believed this was a hard series to pull off anyway, so to be able to bring what they did in the pilot episode, it was more than enough to get me to follow the whole series to the end. There are lots of positives and negatives to discuss with this one, but maybe that is a discussion for another time.

Conclusion: I think this will be a great series to follow, as long as you can keep up with the characters.

Agents of SHIELD (S2)

          Season 1 was a mixed ride with this show. They got fans excited initially, but let them down throughout midway in the series, before pulling off an exciting story arc during the 7 episodes towards the finale. Season 2 starts pretty harshly (in a good way), they don't even give us time to breath. Continuing whatever situation we were left in, the story keeps the tone and kept the strong emotional plot, while still daring to do more even in episode 1. And the flashback episodes & character was good, too. What still kept me disappointed is their inability to access (or employ) characters or artefacts that are more relevant to the universe. Instead, they seem to be left with low-rated characters, made-up weird artefacts, and when they tried to claim the Quinjet, yeah that was seriously disappointing. It should not be that way.

Conclusion: Marvel fans will follow (even if they seem not so good). Non-fans should give it a few more episodes before deciding whether to follow or not.

Scorpion (New)

          This was one unexpected series. The pilot was good and exciting and fresh. But then I looked back and realized that it probably isn't going anywhere with the premise and set up. Whatever is new and fresh for this series, may have exhausted it's freshness in the pilot episode alone. Unless the writers can be more daring and infinitely more creative, I'd say that this one will soon be more routine and boring. But trust me, the pilot episode was very good, and worth the watch. For future episodes, I'm not so sure, unless the writers can pull it off, in which case "hats off" to them.

Conclusion: Pilot is very good, but we'll need to give it a few more episode to see if they can maintain the quality & excitement. 

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