Friday 19 September 2014

Looking Forward: OCTOBER 2014

Bigger and better movies creep in as we near the holiday season of November-December...

Gone Girl (Oct 3-USA, Oct 2-UK, Oct 9-Singapore)

          Not one that I'm particularly excited (by heart). It's more towards curiosity, and that what pulls me in is the credibility of the talent. A genre of mystery & thriller already has quite the appeal for a secretive & twisty discovery. And now for the talent within. Story: based on a novel. Directing: A masterclass like David Fincher who has his own style for quality mystery movies. Cast: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, etc. All those and the curiosity may just be enough to drag me to the theatres for this.

Links for trailers: (Trailer #2)

Dracula Untold (Oct 10-USA, Oct 3-UK, Oct 2-Singapore)

          I know nothing much about this apart from the cast members and what I see from the trailers, and even that is enough to convince me to see this. How much this untold story (as a story) is going to be intriguing is still beyond my thoughts. But from the trailers, there seem to be a considerable amount of action for it to be quite an exciting action fantasy film. The way I see it, with a cast team like Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper & Charles Dance as well as some action-packed trailer, there is no reason not to check it out when it arrives on theatres.

Links for trailers:

Fury (Oct 17-USA, Oct 24-UK, Oct 22-Singapore)

          It might not be here if this is not the month of October. Fury has the makings of a big budget action movie, with an amazing cast & director too, yet it seems to promise nothing new. From what I know so far, it is an action-drama war movie, set to portray as much authenticity as possible with the deep emotional portrayals from the characters. The cast is an exciting one, too, but aside from this, it doesn't look like it showcases anything new & intriguing. But then, what else is there to look forward to? (Don't worry, November is close by...)

Links for trailers:

Other Movies:

The Judge (October 10)
-A fancy looking comedy-drama starring the one and only, Robert Downey Jr...

Nightcrawler (October 17)
-A crime-thriller with a very intriguing & eccentric plot...

The Book of Life (October 17)
-An animation film with some excellent voice casts...

John Wick (October 24)
-An action thriller starring Keanu Reeves, with a rather familiar premise...

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