Thursday 11 September 2014


"We get out now, or we die trying!"

          The Maze Runner possesses a very interesting premise to begin with, and being a film of discovery and uncovering the truth, it kind of rests on the reveal to be good for viewers to be able to fully enjoy it. Well, in all honesty, its both satisfactory yet disappointing. Everything else is just fair enough to enjoy and kind of what we expected, with nothing special coming through.

          From minute one, the premise is set, and questions after questions are brought up yet remain unanswered. This is for the viewers to join along with our heroes as they uncover the truth of the situation they are in. It's satisfactory in the case of the revelation, the truth behind what really happened, well, without spoiling it, it's kind of fresh and acceptable. What is not, though, is getting to that reveal. Again, without spoiling it, the methods initially uncovered to get some truth out of it kind of felt rather unsatisfactory. I don't expect a lot from this film, so I can accept it, but in truth, it could have been done much, much better. (Putting aside the fact that it came from the novel).

          With a movie that aims to keep viewers in the dark until the final reveal, it mostly rests on such reveal and everything else matters quite little. Of course, throughout the film, we follow our heroes as they slowly discover new things happening, and for this film, I thought it was done fairly okay. They keep us questioning yet they reveal little hints and clues, which is good and keeps us intrigued. Unfortunately, as it leads towards the final reveal, they did not touch upon these again, so it felt less significant.

          Every other aspect was done well, just what I expected from this film, but still, it could have been done better. The action was fun, some running in the maze was quite suspenseful. A little touch of comedy, and yes, a little touch of drama, too. The cast was surprisingly good, and I quite liked some of the main characters too. Overall, it was a satisfactory film to watch, but in all aspects, could have been done better.


I guess the final sentence should make the verdict already, regarding all aspects of the film.

SCORE: 6.5 

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