Saturday 4 October 2014


"Sometimes the world doesn't need another hero...sometimes what it a monster!"

          It's always intriguing with an origin story, because it allows viewers to experience the change, in this case the man who will then become the monster we know as Dracula. This film did just enough on that part, while being sufficiently entertaining as an action flick. But it came with many minor flaws, one that culminates in a less overall dramatic experience.

          On the good part, the action sequences were great, supported by some well worked visual effects. The cast is also brilliant, most notably Luke Evans and Charles Dance. Dominic Cooper portrayed a bad guy for the second time this year, and though he can perform, he never really looked the menacing villain. He never felt like a threat and neither was his men, so there was little suspense throughout the film. There was more suspense towards the very end, but it did not culminate in a fight, promptly ending the movie in it's rather short running time. Although, there was a nice final scene (which I will talk about after the verdict, SPOILER ALERT, guys! Scroll down with caution...)

          As an untold story, it's good to see the reasons and the set up as to how this man had to become the monster, yet it was not properly explored. The case was that Vlad was supposed to resist the temptation of human blood, but it was never explored in depth except for one initial moment. It could have been more dramatic if more scenes show of his struggle, and then maybe along with the repercussions that he may be hurting his own family because of this, which will ultimately be way more dramatic. Several other details like this were not properly explored, which made it a rather straightforward story, enough to make the plot move, but not to make it a dramatic experience.


Good: Great action sequences, Decent visual effects, Excellent cast

Bad: Many minor flaws in the plot, Little suspense

SCORE: 6.5


The final scene...the really final scene, in the present time, was a very nice touch. To see Vlad as Dracula blending himself in with the modern crowd and people of the present. And even Charles Dance's character is there too, so it pleasingly entertains the notion that these creatures are really immortal, and are living amongst the people even in the present age. And to see Charles Dance in his full glory (without make up)...


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