Saturday 25 October 2014


"Yeah...I'm thinking I'm back"

          I scanned the reviews, most of which gave highly positive, of this film before seeing it. After which, though, I have to almost completely disagree with the critics & reviewers. There are some fun to be had with this, but it lacked in almost every aspect a great action film should have.

          To start with, it lacked tension. In fact, it feels less and less exciting as the minute goes. And still along the lines of the action sequences, it lacked variety. The first fight scene was still cool and fresh and exciting. As it goes, it just repeats the style, the tone, over and over again, just on different settings. And if you have a main protagonist that was once feared by the criminal underworld, and didn't give him an equally powerful antagonist to face him off: no tension will arise. Somehow you always feel that this hero you're rooting for, will always pull through. Seriously...not exciting!!

          And then there is the plot, which just takes on the theme of revenge...again...and again. It's repetitive, and when it should make us feel for the characters, we don't. The protagonist, John Wick, takes on this mission simply out of revenge, and then the primary antagonist, takes on his as a revenge to the revenge mission that John did. Worsened by the fact that we never really get to relate to these characters.

          Action, tension & plot; all the things a good action film requires. And John Wick lacks in all. Yet it's not all bad, as the cast did prove great, and wow, did Keanu Reeves just pull off another wonderful performance. And the style of the action did start well, cool & fresh, until it starts getting repetitive. More importantly, they played a lot with the humour and the jokes and the dialogues, which is where all the fun is to be found. So, yeah, there are some fun to be had from this, but nothing makes this movie even close to a good action flick.


Good: Stylish action sequences, Awesome cast & performances, Nice humour

Bad: Repetitive action, Low tension & suspense, Boring plot, Lack of drama 

SCORE: 4.5

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