Friday 15 August 2014


"We're the only ones crazy enough to get you out of it!"

          Everything that worked well in The Expendables 2, worked well here. But nothing is improved, not the story, not the drama, and not even anything new with the action. Mind you, it is fun with all the guns blazing, our classic heroes, and all the laugh you can get. But there is something wrong with the plot here.

          The Expendables 2 was an improvement over the first film mainly because of the jokes that were in, but also because it's a little less messy with the action. So it was a fun ride. In here, it's the same, in fact too similar, that it's almost no different. And by no different, no improvements at all, which is what any sequel, by right, should have. You cannot have just more of the same, it gets old (no pun intended).

          The story actually works, to my surprise, with that many characters. The story actually works and is functional, but at moments you can feel that they are shoe-horned in just for the sake of being there. And I am quite pleased with the little moments and conversations that feel great, including Banderas' moment with Stallone, as well as Mel Gibson's speech to the kids. One more thing that is likeable, are the punchlines that get repeated towards the end, which actually worked well. However, the big picture, the overall plot, feels a bit straightforward, and is in fact, very predictable. I can already guess how the story will turn out 30 minutes in.

          But if it's the fun you want, they didn't disappoint. Lots of laughs, yes. Lots of actions, yes. Awesome classic stars, yes. Only, we've seen this before. But if you want more of it, this is not a bad movie to go to. Oh, and credit to some of the cast, especially Mel Gibson who I think is just brilliant. A bit limited on the screen time, but is brilliant, nevertheless. Banderas is quite the guy, too. I guess what you expect to get in this movie is what you will get indeed.


Good: Lots of humour, Awesome action pieces, Pleasing little moments, Great cast (duh)

Bad: Predictable plot, No drama, No improvement whatsoever

SCORE: 5.5

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