Friday 8 August 2014


"My bad...still figuring out the buttons..."

          It's movies like these that made me realize now, the kind that explains the "Transformers" movies backlash yet financial success, the difference between movies that are of quality as compared to those that are just plain fun and stupid. This movie is the latter (as is the Transformers franchise). Now, I could argue that this movie (kind of) sucks following the critics view, but I'm not them...I am a fun seeker too (and stupid sometimes), so I'm gonna do this my way.

          Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is indeed plain fun and stupid, and it works. For a movie that aims to just be a good fun time at the theatres, it seriously works. Lots of laughs and sensible humour (though some are a bit childish, just some). The action sequences are awesome, and the visuals surprisingly done very well indeed. The plot may not be great, but it is functional and it is tidy.

           A lot can certainly be improved story-wise. One thing that lets down quite a bit is the villain. The main villain lacks character. It's badass in the way it looks, but it doesn't have a character which usually makes a villain compelling & fearsome at times. On a side note though, the soundtrack is pretty cool.

Note: When I said I can be stupid sometimes, I mean it. But it doesn't mean I'm always like that and that my reviews don't apply to smarter people. I VERY MUCH value a good story & drama like how Star Trek Into Darkness & Captain America: The Winter Soldier did amazingly in my books. It's just that I can accept & enjoy things that are simple, fun, and stupid (me being a fanboy of the blockbusters). Trust me, I enjoy a great many things...and I value effort too!


Good: Awesome action sequences, Great visuals, Lots and lots of laughs, Excellent soundtrack

Bad: Predictably simple plot, Lack of a characterized villain

SCORE: 6.5

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