Thursday 21 August 2014

SPOILER Discussion - Guardians of the Galaxy


Josh Brolin Is Already Teasing His Next Thanos Appearance In A Marvel Movie image


"We are Groot"

Fresh, unique take...

           There is an easy way to say that this is not your ordinary superhero/science-fiction blockbuster...and that is: Peter Quill dancing. I mean, really. I was so surprised even during the opening credits's just so funny and unexpected, something you don't see in other superhero films.

           And then there's the final battle. You really don't expect to see your main hero, dancing, to fight the big baddie. Of course, it's a distraction, but really, you just don't see that coming, and yet it's fun.

           It's not the only thing, although that can kind of entirely represent the weirdness of Guardians of the Galaxy. Yet, the use of the classic pop songs in...many times, just pure fun and kind of sets up the mood well there (starting to like "Cherry Bomb"). In fact, these songs kind of overshadow the existence of Tyler Bates' quite decent score.

           In the end, these are not your ordinary superheroes, seriously.

Some plot points...

          Even for me, as a fan, it's still hard for me to tie this in to the main Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nearly everything introduced here is new to the MCU, and so the only thing to make it work is for future Marvel movies to connect to these worlds and characters...but it's hard to see it happening soon. The closest possible connection so far is Thanos (seeking the infinity gems) and The Other (leader of the Chitauris) whom presented Loki with a scepter. And probably The Collector for being part of Thor: The Dark World's post-credits scene. Speaking of which...

Post-Credits Scene

          I don't like it. Why? It's just taking the weirdness to a whole another level. Why do they have to do that? The weirdness level throughout the movie is just right to make this like a different kind of blockbuster, yet still keeping in tight (at least the tried to) with the main Marvel Cinematic Universe. But this is just too much. Just...don't...ever...put Howard the Duck in any other Marvel film, much less a movie of its own. Please.

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