Monday 11 August 2014


"I am Groot"

          Not your ordinary blockbuster movie. Nuff said. I guess that's the only thing to be said. It's unlike any other science-fiction blockbuster movies. Heck, it's unlike any other Marvel movies that came before. And that presents two sides of an argument. On a technical level, it's a decent, well made, fun summer blockbuster. But it's these special concepts that makes Guardians of the Galaxy, well...special.

          Just to clear things up first. Technicality; the movie is one hell of a fun ride. Lots of laughs, I mean, really, lots of it. Awesome action sequences, the kind we expect from a Marvel film. Not a lot of drama, but has its moments. The visuals were brilliant. The soundtrack is decent. The plot works, is pretty fun with its ups and downs as we follow our heroes. One good plot point that worked is how these Guardians are able to meet each other and the journey to teaming up. Not so well explained, is how some of these characters just care for one another too soon.

          But put that aside. This is what matters. The special things that made Guardians special. Now as I said before, it works both ways, although more to the positive side. Being an unconventional science-fiction blockbuster, it allows us to feel a fresh take on these kind of movies. Very entertaining in ways we never could have imagined, this really doesn't feel like anything we've seen before. Okay, a bit vague...might have to explain this further in a spoiler discussion (keep an eye out for that...).

          Being a different kind of a Marvel movie, it's a bit tricky, this. Now it's good that it allows Marvel to expand further into the cosmos and outer space. This will provide avenue for Marvel to explore on the more supernatural and cosmic aspects. As a fan, this is awesome. But for a normal movie-goer, without identifying the details of the story and characters, it's hard to envision this as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Perhaps it's too soon for this movie to come out (perhaps not), that it's hard to see the web connecting this one with the other Marvel films. We can only hope that this world that is shown in this film, will be touched upon or be part of the future Marvel instalments. Otherwise, it would feel like a seperate universe. Hopefully, things will be clear in movies coming in upcoming years (or three).


Good: Fresh take, Awesome action sequences, Great visuals, Tons of humour

Bad: -

SCORE: 8.0

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