Friday 27 June 2014


"How many more of my kind must be sacrificed?"

          On its own, you can always find a flaw within a 'Transformers' film. But as a 'Transformers' film...and one that's directed by Michael Bay...Age of Extinction puts more focus on the plot, while still delivering the explosive thrills we all came to see. It is indeed the best outing in the franchise so far.

          So what places this film ahead of the rest in the franchise, is the focus of the plot. Previously, they were all about Autobots versus Decepticons, with typical human involvement in the war. This time, though, they moved further beyond that classic battle, and, (without spoiling anything), more forces are involved in the main conflict, with interests of their own. Even when the movie starts, things are different, and that sets up the table for a new kind of narrative progression. A much more complex story & vast array of characters are played out, for both humans and Transformers, which is something that its predecessors sorely needed.

          No questions supposedly with the action sequences, but more than the casual robot fighting that we've seen in the past three films, this film introduces new kind of characters and new features of Transformers, for an all new exciting battle sequences. Furthermore, there seems to be more at stake, and more of a challenge for our beloved Autobots to overcome. Being the movie it is, Michael Bay succeeded in giving us the thrills of awesome action sequences, with new surprises along the way. The visual effects, on the other hand, were not that great. The style and presentation of the visuals were great, but the quality of the render and detail is what lets them down.

          The human characters in this film are much more likeable (as compared to the annoying presence of Sam Witwicky and family) and the cast is just great. Stanley Tucci just never disappoints and he just have that charm as a character that we can laugh along with in the ride. The soundtrack is awesome, giving the action sequences a more thrilling and epic feel, while the new song "Battle Cry" by Imagine Dragons, is just a glory to behold when listening to it again. 

          As a film that aims to bring explosive thrills, it works, and that's all you need to know!

Good: More focus on plot, Amazing action sequences, Awesome cast & characters, Brilliant song & soundtrack

Bad: Typical plot, Poor visual quality

SCORE: 7.5

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