Saturday 5 July 2014

SPOILER Discussion - Transformers: Age of Extinction



I did say that the focus on the plot is what made this film better than the rest in the franchise, and so here's why...

Not the exact quote, but this is what I get: Mistakes are what makes us human...and sometimes from those mistakes, comes the greatest things. (Cade Yeager)

Being Human

          Now this may not be the biggest detail, but the quote above is a very nice quote and is a touching highlight of the film. It was when Cade Yeager tried to convince Optimus to stay and defend the humans. At this point, he was trying to convince Optimus to help despite the mistakes the humans made over and over again, by telling him that if he had not made the mistake of buying the truck which is Optimus, he (Optimus) would not have been there at the time. But what he could really mean within was, his daughter, whom was conceived as a "mistake", was really the best thing that ever happened to him. That is nice.

Hunting the Transformers

            This is one that is not so spoilery but I don't feel like disclosing earlier, for the sake of viewers getting the full experience. I just like the idea for a change, where the humans finally get tired of these wars and decide to hunt down the remaining Transformers, even the Autobots, with their own hands. This even pushed the great Optimus Prime, who once glorified the freedom and safety of the young human race, into a point of desperation when he decided to leave the planet for good.

Forces in the War

          Now I mentioned that the forces of conflict is beyond Autobots vs Decepticons. Well, truth be told, even the Decepticons are not officially there. To begin with, the middle party here, with an interest of his own, is the main baddie Lockdown. He is a bounty hunter with a purpose of his own, to capture Optimus Prime. To do that, he sides with another party, the "evil" humans, making a deal with them in working to capture Optimus. Now, a secret force at hand is Megatron's mind inside Galvatron, whom have a plan of his own during the movie. All this complexity, along with the Autobots issues with the humans, raises the stakes to a whole new level, making it a fresh feel for a Transformers film.


          Probably the biggest reveal of them all, is the return of big bad Megatron himself. In the animation series, Galvatron is indeed Megatron himself. So to initially see Galvatron as a new baddie, one as a creation of humans, may feel like some letdown. But in fact, it provides the opportunity for the return of Megatron to the story. In fact, it gave him new kind of abilities and power, and now with him on the run, there is just bound to be sequels coming with the clash of Optimus and Galvatron/Megatron just coming out again sometime soon.

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