Tuesday 24 June 2014

SPOILER Discussion - Maleficent

This post will not be discussing spoiler details, but instead re-iterating why I really like this film, with the help of the story...



          What I mentioned in my review post, is that this film did boldly smart to twist the facts for the sake of a better story, and that every detail in the plot works great for the one big character moment. And so here's why.

The Beautiful Moments 

          Note that the moments that touched me include the time when Maleficent help raised Aurora from behind the scenes, and the times they spent together in the moors, culminating in the touchiest moment when Aurora called Maleficent "Fairy Godmother", and when Maleficent professed her true love & kissed Aurora.

          These moments I mentioned above alone was enough to (almost) make me shed tears. And all of the details combined work for the best. To start with, the interactions between Maleficent & Aurora from the first day in the house (through the window), and then when Aurora (as a kid) is lifted up, and when she nearly fell, and also when finally spending time together and having fun together in the moors, are all so touching & provide us with a sense of how Maleficent's character change with her relationship with Aurora.

How the details worked

          The ignorance & incompetence of the three fairies served for the purpose so that Maleficent could be given the opportunity to be the one to raise the child. More and more she does this, and her heart began to change. Maleficent's initial reactions towards Aurora, even calling her beastie, and when rescuing her off a cliff, and lifting her up, are all just so adorable. The way she interact with Aurora & Diaval throughout provides a very much smooth & natural humour.

          The culminating moment when Aurora claims Maleficent as her Fairy Godmother and that her shadow has been following her shows how much Maleficent have cared for Aurora, and that she acknowledges that. Following this is just some excellently sweet moments of them spending time together, before finally Maleficent realized her love for her and tried to break the curse.

          And finally Phillip's arrival (though sudden) also served the purpose of showing what true love is. Though very Frozen-esque and a bit too obvious, the moment when Maleficent rushes with the boy so that Aurora may get a kiss shows it all about Maleficent. So that final moment when Maleficent confesses & professes her true love (one of a mother to a daughter), with a kiss that breaks the spell, becomes that magical moment the film has been leading us to.

Why the ending is better than Frozen... 

           Somehow, even though this is a reminiscence of what happens in Frozen, when it happened here, it was more touching for me, because of what had happened before. In Frozen, it was just Anna from the start doing her best for her sister. Here, Maleficent changed from bad to good, and it was all from the relationship with Aurora, all the time spent together, which made it happen. This is why I really like the way they set up the story & the unfolding plots, all the little details of the fairies, Diaval, (and yes the acting highly contributed to the scenes), and the humour makes these moments wonderful. All this, to help make that moment of character change of Maleficent to become Aurora's Godmother a particularly beautiful & magical moment.

As a summer blockbuster this film still lacks...but what it does is hit hard with an untold story that catches audiences to re-live the tale from the side of Maleficent...

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