Friday 31 January 2014


"Dead or're coming with me"

          I have to admit I didn't watch the original RoboCop films, so no room for comparisons here. But then again movies are meant to be entertainments on their own, so here goes. Overall it is quite good, but the shaky cameras let down the experience, which otherwise would make it a solid piece of entertainment.

          So, the annoying fact here is that most of the action sequences rely on hand held cameras, and they are so shaky, most of the time I don't know what's happening. I see gunfires, and cops, and gunfires, and cops. Seriously, it is rather unbearable. Not that the whole action sequences are bad, the final act is decent, and when RoboCop is on his bike and scanning the area using CCTVs & constructing virtual settings, it looked awesome, but every other action sequences are seriously let down by the shaky cams.

          Otherwise, everything else was good. I was sceptical about the casts initially, but they turned out okay, especially for Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton, who were just brilliant. The general plot line is good, and the conflicting idea of "man against machine" is properly raised, along with the social & ethical issues that goes with it. There is a touch of drama with the emotional responses of Alex Murphy and his family members. Apparently they tried with the humour...tried, though. And also I find the sound effects rather brilliant and enjoyable, especially with the sound of RoboCop's movements.

          It seriously would have been a decent and solid entertainment, if not for the rather disappointing shaky cameras. The director could have done better, but everything else is good enough and certainly worth the price of admission.


Good: Excellent sound effects, Decent plot, Great casts

Bad: Shaky cameras

SCORE: 6.5

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