Thursday 23 January 2014


So that's why the title is as it is...

          Initially it felt like a weird title to me, but in the end, it makes sense. Still doesn't make a good title though. Anyway, talking about the movie, it has some entertaining bits and pieces, but overall lacks the quality of a fantasy action movie. For starters, the CGI was bad, there is a lack of depth in the plot, and pretty much elicits no emotional response from audiences. However, I was amazed by the fight choreography.

          Truthfully, the general plot line is quite likeable, and I understand pretty much where they're headed and why. However, they missed out on the details which were supposed to carry upon the main plot line, instead allowed the main plot to carry itself. The result was not so good, as it causes lack of characterization, whereby audiences won't be able to understand the characters, much less feel for them. Furthermore, the things that happen sometimes seem unreasonable, and especially the responses from the characters. Who would be told of a war between gargoyles and demons, and simply said, "okay"??

          Two sides of an argument with the fight sequences. I have to admit I was amazed by the awesome fight choreography. Clearly they put in lots of effort there. What they did not, was with the CGI, which simply is terrible. Though I have to say the idea of the death of gargoyles (by shining and then ascending to the sky/heaven) and of the demons (burst into flames and descending to the ground/hell) is pretty interesting. But they didn't put quality there in the CGI.

          Lack of drama, lack of humour, lack of characterization, and this is just another one of those films, though gladly with some enjoyable fight sequences. Being a January film, it is completely tolerable, and apparently, perfectly watch-able, for those who gets bored in their homes.


Good: Awesome fight choreography

Bad: Lack in characterization, No humour & drama, Terrible CGI

SCORE: 5.0 

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