Thursday 9 January 2014

Best of 2013 - Others

This category is for other genre of movies like comedy & drama, which I rarely seek upon (though it does not eliminate my views and respect for those kind of films).

Anyway, this category will cover a very narrow scope, as they are limited to those I have watched, and I have to be blunt, it is literally a very small number. So just bear with me while I try to pick the best of the films I have watched which were outside of the 5 main categories before this one. An apology in advance for not being able to cover these kind of films properly.


          As stated previously, I did not watch a lot of these kind of films, but as I recall, with the lack of blockbuster films in the months of September & October, along with the excellent reviews of the films above, I decided to watch those three above, with all displaying some great qualities, each in their own unique way.
          Gravity is the film that shook the minds and hearts of movie makers and audiences alike, with Alfonso Cuaron making this spectacle of a visual treat, like none other before. Prisoners is the film that delivers the thrill and suspense of a complex plot line, with confusion and twists being the centre of attraction of a well made plot. While Rush is a rare film that amazingly depicts an excellent rivalry of the past, in some style, supported with some excellent cast, visuals & drama.

Winner: Rush

          Gravity may be the film that shook the world and set minds anew, and also earns the biggest bucks of the three, but as an overall film, Rush is in my favour. Prisoners was never in the game as it lacked in proper pace and a satisfying ending. Although Gravity was one to remember for the ages, it just loses out to the overall quality and exciting movie experience that is Rush, experiencing the old rivalry of two great individuals, properly exploring opposite characters that attract yet clashes, with some of the best emotional conflicts and excellent visuals that brings a great movie to watch.


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