Tuesday 10 December 2013

SPOILER Discussion - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire



This one is going to be a relatively shorter one, as there is only one obvious twist to talk about, and its in the ending...
It may be more questions than answers, but its the things in my mind I can't let out without spoiling anything...

          The most surprising fact in my mind, is that Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman) turns out to be a good guy, in that he plans this whole rebellion thing with Haymitch, and Finnick, too. But as I said in my review, the ending is just so abrupt and fast, that it lacks the clear explanation of what is going on, who are involved, etc. It could be deliberate, but it still gives us the half-frustrating, half-eager feeling.

          So, questions. Aside from those three, wonder who else are involved. Johanna could be in the whole thing, as she said the line, "I did this for you" or some sort during the arena. No idea about Peeta, there are no clear indications of his knowledge, but it could go either way. But most of all, is Gale part of the plan all along? Because he was the one in the very last scene of the film explaining things to Katniss.

          And yet, Plutarch's involvement intrigues me quite a lot. Or perhaps, the overall plan itself. Why would he go through all those things in the games, hurting Katniss and her friends, killing a few (like Mags). Did they really do all this to deceive President Snow? Is their plan that deliberate, and require lots of sacrifice? What about the risks of Katniss falling in battle or anyone else essential in the plan? They could instead just tell Finnick the idea to shut down the system, and make him lead the group there. Intriguing issue here.

          The bigger picture is also interesting here. Was this games literally part of the plan? Perhaps it is, maybe even the rule change here. Perhaps it was in their plan to collect some of the victors, and to take them away discretely to 'District 13' for their next step in the rebellion. It makes sense, because, as of now, President Snow is on the blind, which meant that the games was more of an advantage for them.

          But finally, what is really going on, and what is this plan their doing? This one needs no urgent treatment, as it will be better saved for the sequel. And also, the mention of district 13 is haunting. What is this place? But again, better to be saved for the next. Some cliffhangers like this are better explained in the sequel, to grab the attention of viewers, and keep them eager for more. Its just that the details of what happened in the movie, like who knew about the plan in the arena, etc, should have been explained already. As it stands, (at least for me), the film felt a bit too rushed with the ending, and there are some unsatisfactory feeling combined with the curiosity of what's to come next.

Note: I know these plot points would have been resolved in the books, but I am no book reader, and I don't intend to, as I prefer to see it unveil in the movie itself...

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