Thursday 19 December 2013

Looking Forward: January 2014

The start of the year is relatively quiet, but not without a few that could be a surprise package...

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Jan 17-USA, Jan 24-UK, Jan 16-Singapore)

          At first glance, it seems just like another typical covert agent type movie. But at the absence of other well-known franchise, this one looks to be one to watch in January. It certainly has potential, the character being an adaptation of the Jack Ryan novel series by the late Tom Clancy, although this particular film is the origin story and won't be adapted from a specific novel. And I have always enjoyed these kind of action movies anyway. With a decent cast in the likes of Chris Pine & Kevin Costner, and a seemingly promising story, this might just give us the extra dose of movie needed for at the start of the year.

I, Frankenstein (Jan 24-USA, Jan 29-UK, Jan 23-Singapore)

          A fantasy action film revolving around the famous mythical creature 'Frankenstein'. This looks like another one of those movies that takes a famous myth, but iterates it as something different than what it ought to be. In this case, Frankenstein, though still being an experimented creation, is now embedded with superhuman abilities and fighting skills, and also being involved in a war of mythical creatures. The trailers show some decent fantasy action sequences, with good looking visuals & CGI. But the story didn't look promising as of yet. No idea why the title is as it is, but still, this is probably one to watch in a rather lifeless January.

Other Movies:

The Nut Job (January 17)
-Yet another animation movie with some amazing ensemble voice cast...

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