Thursday 5 December 2013

Just Some News - 6 Dec 2013

There are just a few too many interesting news going on recently, well maybe not all news, but interesting updates going on with some films...

Fast & Furious 7 Future?

          The death of Paul Walker (RIP) resulted in the film production of Fast & Furious 7 being stopped to an unknown extent. I had thought that they were filming at the moment, and supposedly nearing its end, so it was a tricky situation depending on how much and which part of Paul Walker's sequences they have shot. But now, apparently, they have decided to halt production, so most likely we won't be seeing it in 2014, and we'll just have to wait for further updates to come from Universal. (All the prayers for Paul Walker and his family).


X-Men: Apocalypse

          Bryan Singer, director of X-Men 1 & 2, and the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, recently tweeted signalling a potential sequel titled X-Men: Apocalypse to come in 2016. Furthermore, the release date have been tentatively set at May 27 of 2016. This is really big, big news, at least for me, because I love the X-Men franchise so much, and just knowing that it will go beyond Future Past is great news. Plus, while it is only a few years to go, it means most characters may have their roles reprised by current actors. Good thing its in 2016, as 2015 is far too packed as it is. And yet the question that begs, is "Apocalypse" the villain they will be up against??


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer

          In the link below is the trailer for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2, please check it out if you have not. It is one of the best trailers ever, one that shows a hell lot of action, and not afraid to hide anything. You can clearly see 3 villains there fighting Spidey. And yet, for comic book fans, there looks to be some hidden easter eggs if you can spot them (#SinisterSix). This movie is just one that I highly anticipate for next summer. The first film was, well, amazing. And this one promises much more action, more secrets to be revealed, and with two more sequels confirmed, it just cannot be any more interesting and exciting as it is. Oh, and Electro looks badass and electrifying in this one.


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