Tuesday 24 December 2013

Best of 2013 - Animation

With the end of the year close by, it is again the time to look back and find out which films excel more than others, for my version of the "Best of 2013"

The categories here will be distinctions that can be made within the scope of the movies that I watch, which will be revealed as we go, along with some description of the category.

Firstly, animation films. A pretty obvious distinction, and one type of film that I still follow quite closely too, for their unbounded creativity and genuine quality they may bring.

-Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
-Despicable Me 2

          Animation films this year have seen some of the better ones, along with some that fail to entertain. The likes of Free Birds and Turbo just didn't meet the required expectations for animation movies that aim to be the show for the families, while some other films are just pure fun and joy that bring along the qualities of modern animation.
          For the sake of making it fun, I decided to put in 3 nominations for each category. For this one though, some are just unlucky to not make it, like Monsters University and The Croods. MU possesses an overall decent quality, but unfortunately has annoying characters which lets down the overall experience.
          Cloudy 2 is an overall fun experience, while displaying some excellent visuals, brilliant story, and some emotional ride for the families. Despicable 2, on the other hand, is pure entertainment with all the fun, humour and action, but simply excels at it. Frozen is the film that manages to rekindle the Disney fire, and brings back all good things about Disney, including the songs, comedy, and drama.

Winner: Frozen

          Truthfully, Frozen is pretty much the obvious winner here. Although Cloudy 2 and Despicable 2 is really a fun time for the movies, but Frozen recaptures the Disney quality, and Disney quality means awesome. The mixture of the comedy and drama, as well as the enjoyable songs is the true quality that shines, and puts Frozen in the position as the best animation film of 2013.


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