Wednesday 10 May 2017


              This will be a pretty short review because there isn't a lot to talk about with this film. This movie feels like one of those straightforward action movies with a generic plot and some decent action. But that's not to say its fact this film, for me, is pretty watchable...though it is most definitely not memorable.

               The action sequences are pretty decent. The mix of some gun action and some hand-to-hand combat are kind of what you would normally expect from a movie like this. Any less, and it would have been disappointing.

               In terms of story, it is pretty much quite generic, but it is supported by the twist/reveals which keeps it interesting. To be honest, I was getting a bit bored by the plot, and for a moment, I was becoming quite critical of the plot. But then the plot twists unfolded and I begin to appreciate the plot a little more. I still maintain that it mostly feels like a generic action plot, but the twists made it a bit more interesting than it otherwise would have been.

                This film does have a stellar cast with the likes of John Malkovich, Michael Douglas, etc, but none of the performances or characters themselves stood out. They were all pretty decent, and it works fine for an action movie like this. And in the end, the conclusion for me is pretty simple. The film mostly feels like a generic action movie which is still very much watchable, but has nothing special or memorable to offer.

VERDICT: 46 / 100

              For sure, it would be a good cable watch. But unless you are really bored out, it is not worth the price of a movie ticket.

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