Saturday 6 May 2017

SPOILER TALK: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2



Memorable Moments

               This film may not be among the top echelons of Marvel movies, but it certainly has its moments. My personal favourite moment simply has to be the opening sequence. The screen continuously follows a dancing Baby Groot (to the tune of the wonderful "Mr Blue Sky") while all the action is happening in the background. To me, this really sets up the tone and reminds audiences that "Yes, you are watching a Guardians of the Galaxy movie", and they pulled it off spectacularly. And in case you're wondering, yes, that song is well and truly stuck in my head.
                    There are a few other scenes (comedic moments, rather) that I thoroughly enjoyed. The first of which - again is a scene involving Baby Groot - when both Yondu & Rocket are stuck in a cell and tries to explain to Baby Groot to get them Yondu's prototype fin. Of course, things didn't really go well for the first few times, and the outcome was hilarious every time...not to mention Yondu & Rocket's reactions.
                  The other scene - partially involves Baby Groot - but the focus is more on Star-Lord as he tries asking each and every one of the Guardians for tape. Rocket did try to ask for some tape to cover the death button in the bomb, but I didn't expect Star-Lord to literally ask the others one by one for some tape. But it is also the cinematic brilliance of James Gunn to keep our focus on a waiting Rocket, while Star-Lord can be heard in the background literally contacting the other team members individually. I totally cracked up on that scene.

Ego the Living Planet

                  One of the biggest (no pun intended) twist in the movie. Some may argue that it is slightly telegraphed, but for me, this is quite a shock. It might be the case that I came into the film expecting Ego to just be his dad (without any alternative thoughts) and it could also be the fact that I perhaps (subconsciously) didn't want Kurt Russell to be the villain. And yet, here he is as the main villain of the film, and I thought that really worked well. It is just that before that happened, the movie really kind of slowed down and seems like its heading in no direction, but I personally thought the outcome was well done.

Yondu Udonta

                 Easily the best character in the whole film. This film really explores more of Yondu's backstory, with the meeting with Stakar explaining his position in the Ravagers, and some explanation later on in the film on why he did not deliver Peter Quill to Ego. Because of that, we can understand why Yondu has a soft spot for Quill, and most of the time acted like his dad (though clearly not Dad of the Year kind).

               But this also sets up perfectly the redemption story of Yondu. And by the time we reach that moment when Yondu flies Quill up to space and gives him the spacesuit, I literally had tears out. It was so emotional and touching and it came at a time when I was really liking Yondu so much. I personally wished to see more of Yondu in future films, but I suppose it really is the perfect end to the story arc of Yondu Udonta, and he gets the respect/appreciation he deserves from his family - from both Peter Quill, and the whole of the Ravagers.
              And this sends that strong message that sometimes family is not (only) about your blood, but about spending time with them and caring for them. Take note, people!!

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