Sunday 14 May 2017


              Sometimes I look at box office tracking numbers, and I pity films like these. This movie is not bad at all, and yet it looked like it will be a major flop...and that is just sad to see. I realize that this is nowhere near the best movie of the year, but it actually isn't that bad. I had fun with the film, and most of all I enjoy the unique cinematic style employed by director Guy Ritchie. I'm not sure the exact reason why but it really is so sad that this film doesn't seem to appeal the mass audience.

              Firstly, let me agree to the fact that this movie, ultimately, isn't that great. The overall plot is pretty substandard and it lacks the meaning and depth for the characters. So, in the end, it simply becomes a chain of events that occur, but doesn't quite impact character developments that much. And to add to that, even the characters (including the villain, which is quite a shame) aren't quite memorable, except for Arthur himself.

              That being said, I really enjoyed the hell out of this film - and the key to that is the cinematic style of Guy Ritchie. These fast cut sequences were just so different than what you'd get in normal films, and they are just plain fun to watch. The humour that you see in this film (which is partially due to this particular cinematic style) is a typical Guy Ritchie humour - kind of similar to the ones you might see in his other films (The Man from UNCLE, Sherlock Holmes). And in this day & age, movies with a unique cinematic style don't often come by, so I really cherished & enjoyed these moments.

                However, I do have to admit that there were some continuous tracking shots which actually weren't that great. Unlike other better tracking shots (including the recent opening sequence in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2), the ones in this movie lack the focus, so it looks more messy than awesome. Furthermore, the visual effects doesn't look very top notch, and neither were the action sequences particularly memorable. But its just a general observation, and I won't complain too much about those.

               Finally, apart from the unique cinematic sequences, there is one other part of this film that stands out....and that would be the score/music by Daniel Pemberton. The score in this film, especially the ones that accompany the fast cut sequences, are such a perfect match and enhances the feel of these sequences.

              In the end, with the flaws as mentioned above, I realize that this is nowhere near the top echelon movies of the year...but there is fun to be had in this film. And for me, the unique cinematic style & humour employed by Guy Ritchie, along with the accompanying score, is really worth the watch and worth the price of admission.

VERDICT: 70 / 100

               I don't want to go running around telling everyone to go catch this movie, but with the flaws above in mind, I really do believe that you will have fun watching this film and the (rare) unique cinematic style in this film is something to be cherished and enjoyed.

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