Thursday 22 January 2015


"An order of noble knights combating the forces of darkness"

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          Being delayed year after year, you could be forgiven for thinking that this movie would have got it right. The visual effects were a bit too exaggerated, and that's the best aspect of the film. Almost nothing else works, and I was sleepy for almost half of the duration of the film.

         Just to make it easy, I start off with some of the good stuffs. They did put effort in the visual effects (though maybe a bit too much). Guess that's what you get when you delay a movie for too long. But it comes in with some nice action sequences as well, so there's some points won for that. And another thing is the quite likeable main character. Not the best main protagonist, but the kid does have his moments. So, some exciting action sequences and a likeable protagonist, is about all that you can get.

          The plot didn't work so well. It was super straightforward, and too fast-paced. It goes from one scene to the other, without giving viewers time to breath and experience the characters. So, don't even make me say anything about drama or humour.

         And then there's the characters. Firstly, there are too many, that they become less significant and less interesting to the viewers. Yet, most of the characters themselves do not work, especially the character played by Jeff Bridges. The character tried to be charming, but it didn't work. Most of the enemies didn't really work either, except for the one character played by Djimon Honsou. Every other character is just....boring.


Good: Exciting action sequences

Bad: Most characters are boring & insignificant, Dull plot

SCORE: 3.5

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