Tuesday 20 January 2015


"With your gun, with a silencer, with your ninja swords"

Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb poster.jpg

          This film surprised me...as it's not as bad as I thought it'd be. I thought it'll be just full of cheesy and awkward humour. Frankly, I have only watched this recently, because I have little interest in it prior to watching. Boy, was I wrong. There things to enjoy of from this film, notably the action packed visual effects, the plot, and most of the humour.

          Inside it is still a lot of cheesy and awkward comedy...there is no escaping that. But bearing that, there are other aspects that made this movie simply a very good piece of entertainment. Most of the humour works, to my surprise, especially those coming from the small guys Jed and Octavius (they were my favourite).

         Next, in contrast to convential comedies, this movie has one standout factor: the visual effects. And Secret of the Tomb plays to that strength, employing awesome visual effects to a lot of the exhibits that come to life. And in the midst of it, some excellent action sequences, too.

         And the plot is not half bad either. The story works, and the little details surprise me, more than most. A small cameo return of a (some) characters from the first film, really surprised me. Yet there is another cameo of two major film stars (Initials: HJ & AE) which really caught me off guard. I was so pleased to see these cameos, and they apparently work well, too.

          For the most part, the movie works. Not a special, awesome, must-watch film, but it really is a good time in the movies, and a solid piece of entertainment that is a good fit to close the curtains on one of the most entertaining franchises of recent times.


Good: Super unexpected cameos, Some excellent comedy, Nice visual effects, A plot that works

Bad: Some cheesy & awkward comedy

SCORE: 7.0

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