Sunday 25 January 2015


"This isn't about money, this isn't about politics"

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          Not as exciting as I thought it'd be, but a solid piece of work. The film has its moments, but most of the time lacks the thrill & suspense as an action thriller.

          There are some moments in the film, especially towards the fight sequences, that are entertaining. But other times, it just lacks the suspense. The scale could have been big, but they played it small. And a thriller should have been fast-paced, yet this one is slow. There are moments that thrill & surprise, but when it is over, the pace suddenly slows down again.

          This is neither a good point nor a bad one, but the film does feel authentic. The fights feel authentic, meanwhile the language fits according to the region and situation, too. But as a movie, they have the privilege of making it a bit more over-the-top and people would still believe it. But they didn't.

          Some of the minor plot points seem less believable and less significant. There were some humour & drama in the mix, but not enough of them. Meanwhile, the characters were pretty dull, except for Chris Hemsworth's and Viola Davis'. Both characters have their moments, but otherwise, the film feels like there is no proper character to invest in.

          In the end, there are some moment that thrills, some that surprise, and some that excites. But as an action thriller, you expect more of it, more suspense & more thrills. The plot works but could have been improved in scale & scope, meanwhile most of the characters are full. A movie that can be enjoyed, but is not one of the most exciting films in recent time.


Good: Thrilling & exciting moment, Decent plot

Bad: Lacks suspense, Dull characters

SCORE: 6.5

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