Friday 2 May 2014


"Then let's go catch a spider!"

          Despite some minor flaws, this film really is the defining Spider-Man movie and in nearly every way, it feels great and representative of the character. The action is great, visuals are excellent, includes brilliant casts, and has the right balance of humour & drama, only to be slightly let down by the mix of the plot.

          Starting with the strongest point of the film, the visual effects were brilliant. Just looking at Electro as he is kept me in awe most of the time, and the electric beams are just beautiful. This, in turn, enhances the epic feel of the fight sequences. They are excellent, with mostly fast-paced action that really represents of how Spider-Man fights. Some slow-motion scenes are included, too, but they feel right and not overused. Credit must go to Marc Webb for this brilliance. And though there is not a lot of action sequences, each one is extended and long enough to give us the thrill & satisfaction. Meanwhile, the soundtrack was brilliant thanks to Hans Zimmer (and the Magnificent Six), especially the music when Electro appears on screen.

          It gets better with the right balance of drama & humour. In the comics, Spider-Man is a jokeful character, and here we get to see more of him like that, and the humour in here feels (most of the time) just right and not forced upon. Most of the drama felt cliche but not towards the end, where it kind of strikes. And these two aspects are highly strengthened by the brilliant casts. Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone are brilliant and excellently define their characters well in this sequel. But most of my praise go to newcomers Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan. Dane put up an excellent performance as a desperate CEO, before becoming the Goblin to take revenge. Meanwhile, Jamie Foxx did well to portray the transformation of an ordinary Max Dillon to become a menacing villain in Electro.

             The plot rather lets it down a bit. Not to say the plot is not good, but the mix and flow kind of confuses and some scenes feel rather unimportant. The main plot itself is very good, carrying some strong emotional scenes. The background & progression of the villains are great as well. But the love life story is a bit excessive and the secrets of Peter's parents suddenly doesn't seem that interesting, with the uprising of the villains a much more intriguing plot. But the story sets up well for a sequel, and now we can only wait for two more years for the continuity of the story.


Good: Excellent visual effects, Exciting fight sequences, Brilliant cast, Right balance of drama & humour, Great villains, Amazing soundtrack

Bad: Mix of the plot

SCORE: 8.5

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