Sunday 27 April 2014

SPOILER Discussion - Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Part 2

Reminder: This post will include stories & characters established in the comics...
So if you do not follow them, or do not want to know about them...its better to skip reading this...



There are many pieces in the movie that seem to tease or lead the story of these characters the way it is in the comics, among them is the Winter Soldier himself, and the members of HYDRA...

The Winter Soldier

          If you follow the story of the Winter Soldier, then you may know about him and Captain America working together again, and working for SHIELD too. This is something I expect to happen in upcoming films, and I will cherish the moment if it does...I mean, come on, Cap & Winter side-by-side, what could be better? This may happen, I believe, as we have seen that Bucky in the post-credits scene may eventually realize the truth about him, and after having an emotional encounter with Steve in the final minutes of the battle, and rescuing him too, I figure Bucky's path in the films will be in the heroes favour soon.
          Yet, more importantly, fans may know about the eventual "death" of Captain America (they never really die in the comics, do they?). With this, Bucky takes over the mantle as Cap, while soon after, Steve's resurrection resulted in him leading SHIELD instead. Of course, this is probably still quite far away for the films, and may not even happen. But its no secret that Chris Evans only has contract for six films (done 4, including Ultron) while Sebastian Stan has nine (only done 2). Now, if it remains this way, it would make total sense for Bucky to be taking over. But we can never rule out Evans extending his contract and I'm sure we will always want to see him on screen, be it as Cap, or leading the new generation of SHIELD. Well, we'll just have to see where Kevin Feige & Marvel Studios intend to take the story towards.


          Now, HYDRA played a big part in the film, and more so for comic book fans who knew about them. Arnim Zola in the comics turn out to be similar to what is shown in the film, having his consciousness in the body of a computer/machine (that is just a nice touch). Though not in line, his involvement in the creation of the Winter Soldiers kept things smooth and tight for the cinematic universe.
          But, more importantly, is the character of Brock Rumlow. Fans will know him as the villain Crossbones, an agent of HYDRA. So, when we find him initially working for SHIELD, it was not expected, and I thought they just took the name for it. But when it is revealed that he works for HYDRA, it all comes together. And now, we know he has burns all over, and probably won't be dead, so it will only make sense for him to come back in future installments as Crossbones. How cool is that? And then, in the comics, he is in fact also involved in the assassination of Captain America. The studio might or might not go for it, but still, how much cooler can this idea be?
           Further, in the mid-credits scene, we have Baron von Strucker of HYDRA, who will play a big part in Ultron. But he seem to be on something bigger than HYDRA & SHIELD, so we will have to wait and see if he will act in the name of HYDRA, or be a threat of his own when Ultron hits theatres next year.

Oh, oh, did anyone here the name Stephen Strange being mentioned? Yeah, you know him right...really a potential character for the universe...

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