Wednesday 21 May 2014


"The arrogance of man is thinking that nature is in their control...and not the other way around"

          The world's most famous giant radioactive lizard is back, with a blast. The film did justice with the direction it took with the film, some great characters, and most importantly, the monster itself. However, as big monster movie goes, this one does come with some considerable cons that kind of lowers the overall movie experience.

          The directing is one strength of the film that took me by surprise, especially considering that this director is new with bid budget blockbusters. The way the monsters are presented feels glorious, and how the director take most shots from the point of view of the humans easily justifies the magnificence and terror brought upon by the creatures. And some credit must be given to the visual effects team as well, for not only does the creatures look fantastic, but the destruction around them is amazing as well.

          The film has a relatively standard and predictable plot, but has strong elements of drama, most of which can be attributed to the brilliant cast, with special praise put aside for one Bryan Cranston. The film put lots of focus on character and human story, which in time feels a little bit overused and boring, but sets up for a good story to follow in the steps of these characters. 

          As monster movie goes, this film could do with more action and battle. Many stated disappointment in the second act (you'll understand when you watch it), although the director's vision and brilliance kind of justifies that scene. And with lack of humour, and with a standard and relatively boring plot, this movie succeeds in what it sets out to do, but in general lacks as a summer blockbuster.


Good: Excellent directing, Great visual effects, Strong characters

Bad: Lack of action, Lack of humour, Relatively weak plot

SCORE: 6.5 

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