Wednesday 1 May 2013


Our favorite Avenger is back and with a new and advanced look in this spectacular blockbuster...
*there will be a final section containing spoilers (after verdict & score), so if you haven't watch it, consider yourself warned

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          Even after the hugely entertaining 'The Avengers' last year, Iron Man 3 didn't fail to keep up and brought in an amazing movie to watch. It gave a new look on the character of Tony Stark, and with brilliant action sequences as well as the humors throughout, this movie is the perfect blockbuster to kick start your summer.

          A major point about this movie is the new look and perspective on Tony Stark. Compared to previous movies, Iron Man 3 explored Stark's character deeper; more than the fun, talkative, reckless billionaire we knew but into his emotional, intelligent, and heroic-ish side as well. The character felt like a different Tony Stark, yet it was great to know more about the man behind the suit.

          The action sequences were great and very, very entertaining. I love the action all the way, and it also felt new. It was more than just the man in the suit attacking with various arsenals to take down the enemy (you will know what I mean if you have watched it). Tony Stark himself, and even Rhodey and Pepper, as humans, were involved in the action sequences.

          There were lots of humor and they were great throughout the whole movie. They kept the movie bright and fun, even during darker scenes. The plot wasn't great, but it was entertaining and the twist and turns made the movie more than what people thought it would be, and it had some elements that were very surprising that audiences would not have come to expect.

          The characters were cool, and important ones were properly introduced. The villains with the extremis looked visually stunning, and Killian's character was just amazing (he was perfect). The cast was great, and I have special praise for Guy Pearce for bringing Aldrich Killian to life and become one of my all-time favorite character. Robert Downey Jr was great in showing the other side of Stark, and Sir Ben Kingsley didn't disappoint with his convincing acting.

          The soundtrack was, not great, but decent, and I specially liked the one in the final battle scene, and the end credits as well. Other aspects like the directing was okay, not great though. I watched it in IMAX 3D but the 3D effect were not special. On a movie level, it was great, and summer (in movies) could not start with anything better. However, there are some points that may be an issue for true marvel fans (like me), as will be explained in the last section, however it will contains spoilers, so don't continue after the verdict, if you have not watched it.


Good: New and advanced perspective (look), Great action sequences, Lots of humor, Amazing characters, Brilliant actors, Decent soundtrack.

Bad: -

SCORE: 9.0

*note: I did not give a score of 10 even though there were nothing bad with this movie. However the score of 10 are for exceptional movies there were outstanding in many ways that it deserve special commendation (such as The Dark Knight). Iron Man 3 was flawless, but it didn't have that special something to deserve a 10, but still, it was the perfect summer blockbuster.


          As a marvel fan, and I'm pretty sure other fans will feel the same, there were some disappointments from this movie. One major thing is the Mandarin himself. As comic book fans we know that the Mandarin is Iron Man's biggest adversary and to make him, not just powerless, but a joke like this, is pretty much messing with what the fans believed in. It didn't feel right to have such an important character turned into some fake one like this. This will be such a big disappointment for true Marvel fans.
          Another thing to note, and this also applies to Iron Man movie fans as well, is that the movie seemed to go too far ahead, and by the looks of how the characters in the movie had developed by the end of the movie, it suddenly feel that it could be the movie that ends the trilogy (and maybe the Iron Man movie series). It was such a great movie, and to end it on a high like this would be great, in a cinematic perspective. However, as fans, we certainly want more of Tony Stark, and especially Robert Downey Jr himself. Movie critics tend to criticize on movies that were repetitive, however as fans, sometimes, we just want more of the same, more of Iron Man, really.
          But, this is out of our hands, so let us enjoy this movie that we have in front of us, and hope for a bright future in this beautiful Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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