Saturday 18 May 2013


If J.J. Abrams has a masterpiece, this would be it...

          Despite the high bar set by 'Star Trek' back in 2009, which received highly positive reviews, this one not only did not fail to live up to expectations, but was a whole another level of cinematic experience by J.J. Abrams. With spectacular action, excellent plot, and amazing characters, Star Trek Into Darkness was the complete blockbuster and the best science-fiction for years now.

          The storyline was excellent and the writers deserved praise, but more importantly, the way it was brought and how the story unfolds was why it felt great. As the movie went on, the story got more and more interesting which kept audiences in the edge of their seats. It was just so brilliantly brought that the tension can be felt throughout the movie, and kept on increasing as the revelations kick in. Such feeling has been missed in recent blockbusters.

          For trekkies, they will be more than pleased with the inclusion of some characters, especially knowing that a lot has supposedly change in this alternate timeline. Another thing I also specifically like is the villain. He was such a creepy, menacing, and terrifying character, and huge credit to Benedict Cumberbatch for his great acting. And this villain had this charisma and power that made the good guys seemed that they were up against their biggest challenge ever.           

          The action sequences were great and satisfying. There was no lack of drama, and with sufficient humour, audiences got the laugh they needed. Got to mention this as well, I watched it in IMAX 3D, and it was beyond stunning. More than worth the price of admission, and the experience is unbelievable (you should try it!). This truly is J.J. Abrams masterpiece.


Good: Great story, Amazing tension, Smart revelations, Terrifying villain, Decent action sequences, Sufficient drama & humour, Stunning 3D (IMAX) effects

Bad: -


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