Tuesday 16 April 2013


A rare experience in a splendid crossover between drama and science-fiction...

          Oblivion is a rare breed of movies as it incorporates science-fiction to a drama, or the other way around. It is not the typical science-fiction for kids and teens to enjoy, instead this movie can be regarded more to 'drama' than to 'action'. However, the potent mix with drama brings a rare experience in the cinema to enjoy.

          One key point I like to note about this movie is that it is more 'drama' than 'action'. There were not enough action sequences for this to be claimed an action movie, and yet it wasn't even that interesting. Bullets and lasers flying in a battle between mere humans and big bad drones (which are hard to kill) are not fun to watch. Granted, you can feel the suspense, but not interesting to watch. 

          Another thing I also like about the movie is the plot, especially in the way it is brought. Okay, maybe the plot is arguable, however I admit that I like the overall idea of the plot. But most of all, I like the way it is brought. 

         We started the movie with a narrow point of view (in the eyes of Harper), however as the movie went on, more and more revelations came into place and then we could begin to see the big picture. It is really an entertaining aspect of this movie. 

          Some, like me, may even be surprised by the revelations (as we don't come to a sci-fi movie expecting complex plots & surprises). This is why I find the movie a splendid experience.

          Several other positives to note are the well designed soundtrack, which really added the suspense, as well as the decent cast and acting (special praise to Mr. Cruise, who never disappoint me in any of his movies). The only thing lacking is the proper action sequences, and also there was little humor in the movie. The tone of the movie felt too serious.


Good: Brilliantly brought storyline & revelations, Decent plot, Some suspense, Good soundtrack, Great cast.

Bad: Dull action sequences, No humor.

SCORE: 8.0

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