Monday 1 April 2013


similar to its predecessor in many ways, but improved to produce a much better movie to watch...

          G.I. Joe: Retaliation is to be specifically praised for its astonishing action sequences. The drawback is on its unclear and linear plot, however the humours and fighting scenes are able to leave audiences smiling after watching this movie.

          The best thing about this movie is its astounding action sequences. The advanced technologies in the movie made up some very cool scenes to watch. Excellent sound effects also played a big role in making the action sequences alive, especially in the sword fighting scenes. The scene in the Himalayas is my favourite. The cool blade swing and clash sound effects disregard the need for further background music, and the directing of the action scenes are to be commended as well.

          The 3D effects are well presented and fits in perfectly with the movie. Without the 3D, the movie may seem slightly less interesting. The use of slow motion effect is also brilliant, although its used a bit too often and tends to become repetitive, but the way it is used is brilliant with proper timing of slowing down and zooming on objects.

          The humours in the movie are laughable enough and keep things interesting. Also credit to the great cast whose acting are to be praised, especially in Adrianne Palicki (Lady Jaye), Jonathan Pryce (President), and Lee Byung-Hun (Storm Shadow). The characters are also great and very distinct individually, but sadly the movie did not focus too much on them, hence we can only understand the characters along the surface.

          The plot and storyline is a bit unclear in the way it is brought, and the overall plot is too linear. There is obviously a clear line between good and evil, leaving not many surprises to come. There is not much depth on the story, and the radical change in characters is perhaps too quick and unexplained (although it is pretty obvious it has to do with the real actors), however I believe that the new characters are much better than the old ones, so its good in that aspect. I just hope that these characters will appear in the sequel, should there be a next one.


Good: Cool action/fight sequences, Excellent sound effects, Good use of 3D & slow motion effects, Laughable jokes, Great characters.

Bad: Unclear storyline, Linear & simple plot, Less depth in characterizations.

SCORE: 7.5          

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